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In her speeches and presentations, Denise puts a strong emphasis on motivating people and encouraging them to take different paths in life. Her natural ability to be authentic and confident comes from her personal background. With her charismatic and positive outlook on life, Denise Schindler, as a motivational speaker, is able to connect well with her audience.


» Never stop spinning!

Don't let destiny defeat you. That is Denise Schindler's motto. After having her right lower leg amputated at the age of two, she was constantly confronted with setbacks throughout her life. However, time and time again, she managed to push herself forward and improve, especially in para-cycling. Her motivation to never give up and push the limits is something she would like to pass on to others.

» Stronger together!

With every achievement comes a strong team. No one wins alone. Even Denise wouldn't have made it where she is today without support. She had trainers that kept and keep pushing her; prosthetic engineers that designed a well-fitting prosthesis for athletic performance; friends and family who supported her mentally. Although Denise is an individual athlete, she still has a strong team spirit that many can benefit from, since a motivated and harmonious team is also a definite contributor to success in business.

» Now more than ever!

Victories and losses are often very close calls, especially in high-performance sports. Denise Schindler knows this from experience – she won a silver medal during the London Paralympic Games in 2012 and then for the next six months she had to stay in a wheelchair due to serious injury. And the same principle applies to business endeavors – you're balancing on a thin line between success and failure. Nonetheless, and especially during hard times, it is important to not give up. Furthermore, you need to learn from your downfalls, and, finally, pull yourself up and start again.


You can book Denise Schindler as a speaker, presenter, panelist, motivation coach or athletic mentor for your business events. Her main topics of focus deal with motivation, inclusion, sports and technology, and increased performance.



Denise Schindler and Tino Roßberg offer companies a number of coaching workshops and seminars. Their main focus centers on employee motivation and explaining the advantages of change.
Denise Schindler | Team Development, Coaching, Motivation, Moderation Processes
Tino Roßberg | Mediation, Creative Management, Change Management, Moderation Processes, Motivation


» Let's change! Over and over again

Life is full of changes, especially in your everyday working life. If you want to be successful, you have to be willing to go down new paths and take risks. During this seminar/coaching, we'll take a closer look at workflows and the success change management can have. Creative techniques and mediated communication serve as helpful tools.

» Don't stop! Keep working!

In sports (and in companies!), the way to the top isn't easy. You have to overcome stumbling blocks and know how to learn from them. This seminar/coaching shows how you and your employees can stay motivated during difficult times and handle conflicts so that you come out of them stronger.

» Move! Stay fit!

In addition to the seminar, you can also book an additional ice-breaking activity which uses sport to bring not only the mind, but also the body, into motion. Denise Schindler will assist you and your employees with corporate fitness and get participants moving with her passion for sports. Be it a bicycling tour, jog or athletic training, there is something for everyone!

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