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In her lectures and moderations Denise attaches great importance in motivating people and encouraging them to break fresh ground. Her credibility and persuasiveness are based on her personal background. Through her charismatic and positive attitude, Denise Schindler always finds an intensive approach to the audience as a motivational speaker.

Exceptional keynote speaker and guest speaker

Are you looking for an extraordinary keynote speaker? Denise Schindler enriches your event with her emotional, perceptive and entertaining presentations. Regardless of the size of the auditorium, Denise captivates her audience. Book the experienced guest speaker for your next event - you get an unforgettable experience.

»Young Professionals –
Find your Path«

trainees, training representatives in companies and colleges and universities

In her lecture, Denise Schindler gives many food for thought on how an idea can develop into a path. It often begins with fulfilling one's own ideas and not the expectations of others. Each school, training or study conclusion is a door opener. It is up to you to make something out of it. Enrich your event with this motivating keynote.

enthusiastic customers:
Hochschule Weihenstephan, Aufstiegskongress, IHK Weilheim & Mannheim, Sparkasse, Hannover Fair

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»Inclusion – Barrier in the Head?
Away with it!«

Disability commissioner, companies, sports clubs, public authorities

It is the ambition of Denise Schindler, paralympic athlete and one of the best German para-cyclists, to free people from thought patterns and to overcome barriers together. Denise Schindler takes you on a very personal journey and opens up new ways for her listeners to free themselves from old thought patterns.

enthusiastic customers:
Siemens, Allianz Capital, Adidas, Disability commissioner of the Government of Bavaria

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»Now or never -
Learning from Setbacks«

People who are looking for change

Denise Schindler developed into a world-class professional cyclist with a handicap. This path was never easy, but her determination led her to success. Believe your guest speaker Denise Schindler that giving up is not an option.

enthusiastic customers:
Sparkasse, Messe Stuttgart, Allianz

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»Leading Companies with Values –
Catchword Change«

Enterprises, Management, HR, CEOs, Entrepreneurs

Denise Schindler has become a world champion because she avoided naysayers and stood up to those who hindered her. Learn how change processes positively influence your life – and get out of the comfort zone!

enthusiastic customers:
DB Schenker, Sparkasse

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»First Moves – „Sports without Limits“ –
Digitalisation 4.0«

IT & tech companies, sport associations, sport outfitters, skilled crafts and trade, public authorities

In her lecture, guest speaker Denise Schindler uses her own example and high technical competence to illustrate the enormous opportunities that digital production methods have for the development and manufacture of prostheses: faster, cheaper and thus available for mass sports. What is needed are entrepreneurs, craftsmen and athletes who are prepared to break new ground – for a better world.

enthusiastic customers:
Republica, Autodesk University (Las Vegas), bit.com /hub.berlin, MCBW Munich

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What others say about Denise

Denise is not only a Killerbee on the bike, but as well with a micro in her hand. Charming, authentic, passionated and always a clear statement - this is what Denise stands out for. It’s a pleasure to share the stage with her!
Dr. Markus Nitsche, Vorsitzender Stiftung Allianz für Kinder, Leiter Büro Repräsentanz Berlin

Amazing job. You’ve been (and you are) a class on your own. Thanks!
(Keynote Bemer anniversary, Wiesbaden)
Karsten Stanberger, Coach and TV host

A woman that without doubt belongs to the best of the world.
Markus Lanz, TV Host

Denise Schindler is an exceptionel, young and dyamic woman, who is a role model with her life story. Her positive attitude towards life, her way of approaching people and motivating them, walking new journeys and accepting changes, is impressive. One has to experience Denise live! We are proud to have her on board of our team.
Athlets and Experts Agency

We are proud to have Denise Schindler on board of our team as sport ambassador. Her personal life story and her positive attitude do make here a role model. Denise Schindler is a super woman, who inspires people with her authentic, motivating and dynamic keynotes to reflect and to take the first steps for a positive change.
Pit Gleim, President of the Board, Bemer Int. AG

Denise is a real power woman: If she falls down, she stands up again. Every fall makes her stronger. Even the first one, that has changed her life so decisively. Where others are struggling, she decides to smile optimistically and look ahead. Whatever Denise wants to achieve in life, she is going for it 100% and masters it successfully. Denise is a woman from whom you can learn one thing: go through life with power.
Bettina Cramer, TV Host

Moderation and panel discussions

As an attentive presenter, Denise Schindler skilfully guides the audience through complex topics. She holds all the threads in her hand, explains what is happening and creates a lively discussion. Denise moderates business and sports events, as well as shows and galas. The athlete is also a valued discussion partner in panel discussions.

begeisterte Kunden:
Hochschule Weihenstephan, Aufstiegskongress, IHK Weilheim & Mannheim, Sparkasse, Hannover Messe

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Inclusion and inclusion consulting

Inclusion is a matter of hear for Denise Schindler. The leg amputee athlete fights for a relaxed coexistence of people with and without disabilities in all areas of society. She shows you how successful inclusion can be in your company. In addition to specific organisational actions, she attaches importance to the fact that all employees are part of the initiative. In workshops and discussions, Denise breaks down barriers in your head: She illustrates how enriching it is for everyone when people with and without disabilities work together. Change your corporate culture, open yourself to inclusion - Denise Schindler accompanies you on this path. Change your corporate culture, open yourself to inclusion - Denise Schindler is with you on this journey.

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