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I slipped when I was a small, two-year-old child. It was mid-winter, in the city center of Chemnitz, Germany. It was pretty bad luck because just at that moment, the tram came around the corner and struck me. The following year was long and left my parents in a constant state of hope and trepidation, wondering if their child was going to make it and what the consequences would be if I did? But I did make it – far beyond anyone could imagine!

» The Consequences.

Alright. So the accident did leave some damage, but thanks to my parents' unwavering dedication and the outstanding medics and medical technicians (Especially Prof. Dr. Nerlich from Regensburg University and Mr. Thomas Wellmer from Nittenau Rehabilitation Technology Center), I am standing on my own "two" feet again and standing fairly strong. I learned what it's like to be disabled at a young age. The accident cost me my right lower leg and today I wear a prosthesis. My left leg was also affected by the accident and is not fully functional due to the metal rods in my ankle.

» Denise and Sports?

Sports and I weren't friends for a long time – perhaps because I had to go "under the knife" one or two times a year until the age of 12. And considering the small amount of sports classes I was actually able to participate in during school, the "kick" just wasn't there. I first experienced the thrill of sports after taking my secondary education exams. It was then when I discovered the spinning bike at the fitness center. Working out to energetic music during a cycling class, it suddenly clicked – I wanted to ride a real bike, and I wanted to ride in the woods. I never knew how much potential and skill I had on a mountain bike! After I my first Alpencross, I knew that was it – Denise will never stop spinning!

» To (High-)Performance

My path to performance sports took many detours. Biking friends made me aware of my uphill and downhill skills and told me about performance sports for the physically disabled. It was with this friendly hint that I began taking a new path. Since 2011, I have been training with a clear goal in mind. Ever since then, I have been competing fairly with other athletes – and successfully ;).

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